Austrian Exhibition Return to Top

The government of Lower Austria asked Lang + Lang to find special solutions for their exhibitions.

  • Dibond
  • Plexiglas
  • Wood
  • Wallpaper

Exhibition Panels Return to Top

Winner of the SEGD Design 2008 Award

Panels to decorate the visitor-center at the "Afsluitdijk", the dike in the North of the Netherlands that protects us from the sea.

  • Dibond
  • Acrylic
  • Foamed PVC
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl

Matrix Light Box Return to Top

Winner of the 2008 Sign+ Award!

O'Neill Flagship Stores Oberhausen / Antwerp

  • Lighttex Firesafe Polyester Fabric
  • LED Panels

Space Expo Noordwijk Return to Top

Decoration Space Kids Centre

This room was specially designed for kids birthday-parties and for expanding their knowledge about the universe.

  • Matrix Frames
  • Dibond
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Naturalis Return to Top

National Museum of Natural History

Frontpanels 'Zo apen, zomensen' (Like monkey, like man).

The panels are exchangeable and re-usable.

The construction on the building was exclusively designed for these panels.

  • Matte Vinyl - Laminated on 2mm Aluminum Panels

Lenticular Return to Top

3D Lenticular Walls SnowWorld

By using a special lens, we created the impression of depth, which gives a 3D effect every time someone reaches for a locker.

Airport Las Palmas Return to Top

Temporally Coordinated Advertising

The screens and LED panels in the Duty Free shops are temporally coordinated to the customers of different countries and languages.

That makes sure, that for example, English people get the English content and advertising right when they are shopping.

Volksbank Arena Return to Top

We Give the new Volksbank Arena a Face

Erler + Pless rounded off the appearance of Hamburg's new ice rink and ball games arena within sight of the ColourLine Arena by making and installing advertising panels and lighting boxes.

Forty advertising panels were installed in Hall 40 alone, as injection prints on dual-bonded aluminum panels. The entrance area was equipped with ten lit boxes of 8m2 each. Adhesive foil was installed under Plexiglas on 15 perimeter advertising panels.

In the future, spectators will see Hamburg SV handball, Hamburg Freezers and Volksbank playing field logos of an average nine meters in diameter, all made by Erler + Pless. The new multi-purpose building, is excellently suited to events other than sports as well, thus has an impressive and modern appearance thanks to the advertising panels and illuminated boxes installed by Erler + Pless.

  • Dual-Bonded Aluminum Panels
  • Adhesive Foil
  • Plexiglas

Eye-Catching, Impressive and Top Quality

Over 30 large motifs, in a Matrix Frame, now beautify the headquarters of Triumph, a major underwear company, in Munich.

Erler+Pless made the textiles and frames for the impressive motifs decorating the interior of the Triumph building. This form of branding gives the office building a unique atmosphere and contributes to staff, visitor and client identifications with the brand.

  • Matrix Frame