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The Urban Being

made by Sign Portugal

“The Urban Being, on the trails of Nuno Portas” – The life and work of the architect and city planner Nuno Portas

As part of “Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture”, this exhibit took an approach on the various scales and different ways of thinking and making the city, having as a common thread the life and work of architect and urban planner, Nuno Portas, a reference in Portuguese urban culture in the last 50 years, in terms of planning, architecture and writing.

The exhibit is full of elements of strong “visuality” via the projection of images, in the display of photos and digitalized texts and large-scale prints and in light tables containing objects.
SIGN installed and produced the whole exhibit, from the wood light boxes, the glass with optical vinyl, to the light totems with multimedia insertions.

The authors of the project were the designer Andrew Howard and the architect Nuno Grande.