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World´s Photo Book

made by Sign portugal

The World’s Largest Photo Book

16 pages 8m x 4,5m
10 000 pictures
These are remarkable numbers that made this work a Guiness World Record as the World’s Largest Photo Book.

“Portugal, O Melhor Destino” is an ambitious project of Dreambooks that promotes Portugal as a tourist destination of excellence and the final result is this world’s largest photo book.

“SIGN had a very important role in the execution of this project. The follow-up and contribution to select the printing materials were crucial for the final result of an enormous book that has the characteristic as if we were leafing through a common album. We were able to get durability and flexibility in the printing materials, associated to a high quality printing.”
Diogo Teixeira, Dreambooks’ Marketing Director

Initially, Dreambooks involved about 15 000 Portuguese that took 77 053 pictures of all regions of Portugal.

The next step was the conception of the world’s largest photo book for the Guinness World Records where SIGN had a decisive role.
Besides the productive capacity in one piece until 5 meters width, SIGN offered consultant services to select the right resources for this amazing book.

And finally, the world’s largest photo book will travel throughout the whole country.

Many ambassadors are supporting this project as the actor Diogo Morgado, the musician Paulo Furtado and the stylists Nuno Gama and Maria Gambina. And also partners as the Secretary of State of Culture, the Tourism Entity of Porto and North of Portugal and the Porto City Council among others.