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We give the new Volksbank Arena a face.

Erler+Pless rounded off the appearance of Hamburg's new ice rink and ball
games arena within sight of the ColourLine Arena by making and installing
advertising panels and lighting boxes. Forty advertising panels were
installed in Hall 40 alone as injection prints on dual bonded aluminium
panels. The entrance area was equipped with ten lit boxes of 8mē each.
Adhesive foil was installed under Plexiglas on 15 perimeter advertising
panels. In future spectators will see Hamburg SV handball, Hamburg Freezers
and Volksbank playing field logos of an average nine meters in diameter, all
made by Erler +Pless. The new multi-purpose building, is excellently suited to events other than sports as well, thus has an impressive and modern appearance thanks to the advertising panels and illuminated boxes installed by Erler+Pless.