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Helping you from concept to end-product

You can use Studio America as a high-quality production company to help you carry out your whishes, but you can call on us sooner when the concept is still in development. This way, you take advantage of our vast knowledge and experience in the field of materials, application, possibilities, reproduction, suspension and lighting techniques. More and more designers, offices and companies make grateful use if our services. We work creatively with you, but without sistting in the designer's seat.

Efficient quality is starting point

Our starting point is that you can only spend a budget once, so it must be done perfectly. We have achieved that perfection manu times by spending less money than budgeted. By not only coming up with the best but also the most economical solution. Often a sensible choice of materials can already lead to important savings without this showing in the result.

Specialists in large-format images

Studio America is specialized in communication in large and special format. We print on self-adhesive foils, textile, cardboard, paper, plastics, metals, wood, glass and unusual materials. Applications for both indoor and outdoor, temporary or permanent use. Small editions are also possible.

Technique and knowledge in-house.

Studio America is one of the first digital printers in Netherlands. We have a series of large digital printers for flexible materials, such as paper and foils. With thermal printers, fabrics are printed and directly cut to measure in the same production process. The machine we use to print large, stiff surfaces digitally, the Eagle 44, was partly developed by us, which means you won't find more knowledge and experience in this area anywhere else.

Total service also possible

If so desired, we can handle the preparations for installation or the complete installation at the site. Studio America is the exclusive agent in the Netherlands an Belgium for the Hinrichs clamping system for commercial and educational goals. We can deliver the printet produc as in the most ideal hanging system as display or light box. Our engineers are old hans working together with staff of museums, exhibitions, trade fairs, shows and companies.

Highly experienced

Studio America has the reputation of beginning a reliable supplier where you can expect to get the highest quality. And delivery is always on time. As a result, we have excellent references from companies, museums, advertising firms, institutes and governmental agencies at home and abroad.

Contact details:

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