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sign services

sign services was established in 1992 as a sub-supplier to the sign trade, and solely sales to through sign companies.

Our product range is marketed to the sign trade under the name sign quality?

The product range is expanded on a current basis. Today we marked products like:

  • 3M vinyl
  • Facade letters
  • Mactac vinyl
  • Vinyl text / logos
  • Scotchprinttm
  • Acrylic signs
  • Flags and banners
  • Accessories
  • LedLumina
sign service are the leading sub-supplier to the sign trade in Denmark.
It is our objective to strengthen our position so that we are still an attractive co-operator who can enhance the sign company's position on the marked.

sign service has already proven that it is possible to do business on the basis of a clear policy which only involves sale through sign companies.

Contact details:

Benny Eriksen
sign service as
Overholmvej 10
DK8722 Hedensted

Phone +45 75899200